Modernity and efficiency in one invention: the Secrid Slimwallets. Secrid is a Dutch brand that is focused on "quality, people and the environment".

The cardprotector protects your cards from potential damage, bending and prevents skimming. The material consists of aluminum, which makes the wallet lightweight.

The card holder can store eight cards, six in the cardprotector and two in the leather cover. Bills can also be stored in the leather cover. As for the cardprotector, with a simple movement your cards will come up in order. This makes it easy to get the right card out, and one illiminates the hassle of finding the right card in your wallet.

The name Slimwallet refers to the fact that this range does not contain a closing button on the leather cover, making the wallet even more slim.

Due to its small size, the card holder can be stored in many places for everyday use. Whether that is in the inner pocket of a jacket, or in the pocket of your trousers, the minimalist Secrid wallets are the perfect purchase for yourself, or as a gift.


Product number: SO-BORDEAUX
Brand: Secrid
Color: Rood

Secrid Slimwallet Original Bordeaux

Product number: SO-BORDEAUX
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Secrid Slimwallet Original Bordeaux
Secrid Slimwallet Original Bordeaux
€ 60,00