Shake Pen of the Year 2019

Each year Porsche Design releases a Shake Pen of the Year, dedicated to the functionality and design of their flagship pen, the Shake Pen, which is a perfect combination of function and design. This limited edition P'3140 is made of polished stainless steel. The body of the pen is decorated with a diamond pattern. The ballpoint comes with a pen holder in the shape of a Porsche 911.

Just like the previous Shake pens, the Shake pen of the Year 2019 works with an innovative 'shake mechanism'. With just a flick of the wrist, the refill appears and the pen is ready to use. Repeat the same effortless movement and it disappears again. The shiny silver of the pen holder matches perfectly with the silver trims of the ballpoint.

This pen is limited to 911 pieces, an identification number is engraved in the pen holder.


Product number: 813785
Brand: Porsche
Color: Grijs

Porsche Design Shake Pen of the Year 2020

Product number: 813785
€ 279,99 € 231,40 ex. VAT
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Porsche Design Shake Pen of the Year 2020
Porsche Design Shake Pen of the Year 2020
€ 279,99